Sunday, May 07, 2006

Your Future Vacations- In Taxis!

Your Future Vacations- In Taxis

By: Captain Bill Strait

Bill lives in Jupiter, Florida and is a worldwide and is a jet captain for a major airline. Mr. Strait and is CEO Palm Beach Airlines and Editor/ Publisher of Very Light Jet Magazine

Taxi anyone? Exciting new options are on the horizon! Imagine going on your next vacation or business trip and flying on your own private jet out of your small local airport instead of flying on a huge and impersonal plane out of the huge and impersonal major terminal!

The hub-and-spoke system of air travel has become outdated. Everyone has had quite enough of stopping over in Atlanta or some other hub to get to our final destinations.

It is dawn on the new day in air travel. The “new” aircraft making this possible are the stars of this travel reality show. They are called Very Light Jets or personal aircraft, personal jets, and microjets and correctly VLJs for short and have been in development for nearly ten years. VLJs are generally considered to be a new category of plane because of their smaller cabin size of four to nine passengers and their newly developed and smaller jet engines.

The progressive companies making VLJs include Eclipse, Adam Aircraft, and the familiar Cessna. Reporting advance sales of thousands of these new planes, their customers include air-taxi fleet and charter operators, private owners, and fractional providers. Estimates are that 5,000 to 10,000 of these aircraft will become a familiar part of our airspace by 2015!

VLJ Air-Taxi services plan to use many of the nearly 6000 small airports around the country. Many of these smaller airports throughout the country are being spruced up for their new lives as air-taxi ports.

Several groups are planning to compete for a piece of this new way to travel via air-taxi. POGO is headed by Donald C. Burr, founder of the former airline People Express. Burr says "our intent here is to bring the private-travel market down from CEO level to manager-level people." The reported pricing plan of iFly is to provide a $3 to $4 a mile travel experience. This fare structure compares to retail first-class on most flights.

DayJet of Delray Beach, Florida , has placed a large order for these planes under the direction of system software expert Edward Iacobucci.

Ultimately competition in the marketplace will reduce the price of VLJ air-taxi seats and this VLJ air taxi travel option will become available to all air travelers.

Will we be comfortable in these Very Light Jet Air-Taxis? Will our kids miss running up and down the aisles and harassing the flight attendants? Pack light because Very Light Jet Air-Taxis are coming soon to a (small) airport near you! Taxi anyone?


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